Learning by Playing and Doing – is the Prodigy mantra

We inspire young minds discover their passions, creativity and strengths through a collaborative discovery-based learning process

We employ a powerful learning technique where the kids can see, feel and experience what they read in books. We encourage students to experiment, inquire, ask questions, and make mistakes to promote original thinking.

Started in 2016, Prodigy club is now a family of 1000+ students and 30+ incredible teachers, designers and product managers. Our unique learning philosophy has been recognized by national and international media and leading experts in the industry. We recently won the ‘Best Startup Award’ in an Impact Investors Summit at IIM Ahmedabad.

Why Choose Us?

Gamified learning  
Turning textbooks into experiences through custom games, online challenges & peer interactions


Visible Results
Enhances cognitive thinking & self-confidence along with measurable academic improvement 

International Standards
Curating courses & teaching techniques to raise knowledge and skills in young minds at par with international standards 

Fosters creativity 
Fuels child’s curiosity through a discovery-based learning process with live projects, science experiments, field expeditions etc.