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Course Details:  

Prodigy Readers’ Club is assembled in various custom designed packs for each reader’s experience & interest. These packs constitute anything & everything related to the theme. The kids can choose their favorite era & get lost in the art of storytelling.

About Prodigy Readers Club 

Imagine kids, sitting in small groups, earnestly and eagerly holding a discussion in English. Imagine the topics being learner-generated and the discussion natural, without formal comprehension questions or post-reading exercises. PRC helps make a solitary activity like reading a shared experience & we end up sharing more than just about the books.

Prodigy Readers’ Club expose you to new perspectives. You also end up reading beyond your comfort zone simply by listening to other people talk about a particular work or genre. Besides, these meetings allow you to meet so many like-minded people sharing the same interest & same passion for reading. It truly is a great intellectual stimulus.

PRC focuses on open-ended, genuine, student-led discussions that result in increased levels of reading for pleasure, wider vocabularies, and the practice of higher-order thinking skills, such as analyzing and evaluating stories and the ideas in them, in class discussions & in real-world.

Why should your child join PRC? 

  • For an enriching experience that transcends beyond time & space 
  • By exposing themselves to different genres, themes & stories, it increases their thinking power & creative stimulation
  • A great way of socializing & meeting like-minded people from across states
  • Increases reading for pleasure, wider vocabularies & creative & cognitive thinking
  • Attributes like being imaginative & expressiveness can be fueled
  • Strengthening over knowledge & command over a second language

World Of Wizardry

Harry Potter

The Timeless Tale

Shakespearean Classics

Coming Soon:

The Era of Adventure


In the Midst of Mythology


Pulp Fiction


Alternate Universe

Comic World