About Vedic Math

Vedic Math is the World’s fastest mental algebraic mathematics system. It has been in practice for centuries and allows to solve complex calculations without the use of a computing device. Vedic Math improves speed and accuracy in students which is applicable throughout their lives. Vedic math helps kids fall in love with numbers by removing the fear of math. The practice of Vedic Math yields guaranteed results in academics.

Vedic Math at Prodigy 

Learn each Vedic Math Sutra through gamification keeping the sessions fun and engaging

Develop critical and analytical thinking through our activity practice book curated and developed on Vedic Math

2 national level challenges at each stage to provide them a platform to showcase their talent

Certificate for all students on completion 

Lots of practice worksheets for mastering each ‘Sutra’


  • Vedic math at Prodigy is a registered and certified online course
  • To become a mathematical genius, a student needs to clear multiple levels
  • Each level determines the level of difficulty & unlocks new sutras
  • In each level, there will be a minimum of 2 challenges and a written test at the end, testing kids’ accuracy and speed. To move to an advanced level, a student must score at least 75% 

Course Details